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Chapter 9

Chapter 9 - Case Closed

Lt. Rodrigo Reyes, Volunteer Abigail Aquilar and Captain Eduardo Romero argued heatedly at times but only for 37 minutes. The man was dead of natural causes, the next of kin were being notified by Sheriff’s Department Chaplain, the vandals who stole his possessions were in jail, and the victim’s body and personal property were being readied for return to the family. Nothing further to prosecute. Nothing further to investigate. Case closed.

The “mystery man” theory had no corroborating evidence to support it. There was only the un-sworn testimony of two criminals looking to get out of the deep trouble they were in. The evidence team found no other tire tracks in the desert out at Owl Station. There were no extraneous hair or fibers found other than what they expected, given the two vandals who were there and already identified. The trailer had been searched again and no evidence of anything hidden or otherwise was found. IF there was a mystery man, he apparently got what he was after because there wasn’t anything else there. Until some muscle-bound desert ghost or UFO alien showed up with a crowbar to explain things, this was it.

Lt. Rodrigo Reyes was only partially relieved, because he still had this lingering feeling that something just wasn’t right with this case. Something was being overlooked. This was nothing new with him. He always felt this way after a case. When “Case Closed” was stamped on the front cover of a file folder, he always wondered if something, someday would jump out and bite him on the ass. He had always taken great care to be thorough in his investigations, but this one just didn’t feel right, somehow. It was different. However, when the Captain says, ‘Case Closed’ .. that’s it. He respected the Captain, so that, was that. He rounded up all the finished case files, boxed them up and set the box on the floor beside his desk. He telephoned his wife to tell her he would be home a little early tonight to take her out to dinner. There is nothing like getting into other peoples’ problems while investigating a case to make this investigator want and love what he already has all the more. After dinner, they went home and made love on fresh, clean sheets. Tomorrow was a new day.

Abigail Aguilar was disappointed in the Captain’s decision, too. He was the Captain and his logic was sound. Just because she wanted to know the whole story, doesn’t mean that she should know the whole story. She wasn’t writing a book of memoirs for the deceased, but merely helping on an investigation. The Captain had warned her about getting herself too emotionally involved in cases. Women seem to find that easier to do than men. He wasn’t being sexist, just pretty much true in his experience with female investigators. Abigail knew she was getting too close. This case just had too many elements that rang her bells, but the Captain was right. It was best if she just let this go and seek her personal closure issues in some other way. He went on to say that she could be a darned good investigator someday or an empathetic and effective social worker. Right now, her career path wasn’t clear or carved in stone. She was studying neither in college, but her grades were good.

Deputy Raul TabaƱo heard about the Captain’s decision. To his way of thinking and under NBA officiating rules, there was ‘no blood, no foul.’ - meaning without more evidence, there was no crime to pursue. For the first time in a long time, he took the rest of his shift and went home. He had to partially make up for his long shift on Saturday. His wife greeted him at the door wearing nothing but a smile and nothing else under her thin, summer bathrobe. Upstairs, a warm soaking bath was waiting for him. She knew what her man needed after this case. She loved him and he loved her. Although they had only been married two years, they had a special kind of rare telepathy with each other. She let him soak in the tub while she put away his clothes and got out his bathrobe and laid it on the bed.

Then, she came back into the bathroom and handed him a glass of Perrier water and lime instead of Jack Daniels. She didn’t say a word, just smiled some more as she positioned herself behind him outside the tub. “Scootch up.” She whispered close to his ear. “I want to wash your back.” She had a large, natural sponge and dipped it carefully into the bubbly water between his legs, then slowly sponged his back with long, slow up and down strokes, then side to side, then ‘round and ‘round. Each time dipping the sponge back into the special, skin-softening and aromatic bathwater she prepared for him. The way she saw it, out there in his world, his job was to protect and serve. Inside their home, that was her job. As he began to feel more relaxed, he laid his head back against her now naked breasts as she sponged his chest likewise; her robe now lying at her feet. The Perrier water tickled his nose, but at this moment, she tickled him everywhere else, but mostly around his heartstrings.

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